Theme Plugin and Back link Checker

You might have came across this questions?

  1. You must have seen a website with a cool slider, or a interesting widget , or something which exactly you want your website to be , but you close it or save the link to show to your web developer ?
  2. Found an attractive design layout and want exactly like the one ?
  3. Want to know what your competitors are using to boost their site ?
  4. Want to check the backlinks and seo tools or plugins used by other websites ?
  5. And ofcourse want to save money on building such sites ?

How plugin works: It’s a simple to use wordpress plugin which will ask you to enter the url of the website you want to search and it will show what theme it use, what plugins it use, what newsletter it use and will show you the backlinks , details of that site.And upon clicking on the search result it will take you directly to the plugin download link.

This plugin works both inside and outside the dashboard area. Inside dashboard there is a option called wpsitespy , just click on it and explore it while you can use it on the front end by using a small shortcode [tp-fetch], it will show the complete working on the front page.

So you can even start you own site with that feature to attract visitors to come to your site for checking themes, plugins and backlinks. For overall working please find the demo url and attached screenshots for reference.
Demo url :
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