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7 reasons why should you need an android app development company

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  • 2017-09-20 23:04:51
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This is the era of the mobile app development that includes Android app development and iPhone app development for every business. There are multiple operating systems available in the market to develop mobile applications. The question can occur in every business person’s mind about the platform, operating system and technology to develop a mobile application for their business. There are main two platforms or operating system in the market. These are Android and iOS. Both are very popular in the world. Microsoft and other companies are also providing competition to the Android and iOS.

Below are the 7 reasons that proves you that you need an android app development company

1.Convenience of your customers

It is good to have a mobile application for your business. People want to use smart mobile phones to fulfill their general needs because mobile phones are handy and do not consume the time. The benefits of mobile phones are like users can immediate buy products online, compare one product with another product, find a specific place using Google Maps, find instant solutions, get knowledge and more. There is a great amount of end users of the Android operating system in the world. Benefits of Android applications are like people can easily communicate and share data such as images, videos, and documents with one Android users to another android user. There are many Android mobile applications available in the market to fulfill specific requirements which provide an option to choose an appropriate Android mobile application. 

2. Increase Revenue and Sales

In todays competitive era, it is important that your business should have an amazing mobile application. If you want to expand your business and willing to increase revenue and sales, then mobile application is mandatory for your business. Now maximum people are using smart mobile phones and accomplishing their requirements through mobile phones. While the huge amount of Android users from the world which can be the great benefit of having a unique and different Android application. Pave the way for a convenient shopping portal to your users through the Android application to make their shopping task very easy and straightforward. There is a greater chance to increase sales by offering smooth mobile shopping experience to your customers.

3. Android app development point of view

  1. Android Studio

Android Studio is an excellent IDE for Android app development. It is fast and efficient. Using Android Studio, Android developer can easily set up a new Android project for different types of Android apps within seconds.

Below are some key features.

  • Gradle based build system

  • There is an option to preview a layout on multiple screen

  • Build variants and multiple apk file generation

  • Enhance support for Android Wear, TV, and auto apps

  • Integration with Google Cloud Platform

And many other useful key features.

  1. Java, the programming language

This powerful programming language used on a wide range of devices and operating systems. To develop iPhone application, iPhone developer should require knowledge of objective C or Swift programming language that is used for iOS development only.


4. Ease of accessibility

These days many manufacturers use Android as the operating system for their devices because of Android OS popularity. Besides, there are several mobile app stores from where customers can purchase and download Android apps for their Android devices. Google Play Store where the app available to download within a few hours, compared to a few weeks for Apple’s App Store. Your app or game can be updated multiple times a day on the Google Play Store. Another excellent feature of the Play Store is the app can make available only for testers or a subset of users to polish your mobile app. There are many other app stores to make available your Android mobile application such as Amazon App Store and Aptoide which can help to expand your business.

5.Android market prediction

Android is an open source and providing an open growing market, which can lead to bring down the price of Android phones and expand the growth of Android market share.

6. Android app submission

Submitting an Android mobile app is cheaper than Apple’s app store. There is $25 cost one time investment for Android app submission, whereas $99 per year for Apple developers. You need Apple devices such as Mac, iPhone, iPad to test iOS app while for Android app you can test run it on Android SDK.

7.Easily port to other operating systems

There are some portability issues with iOS as it is close sourced while Android is fully open source and can easily port to other operating systems like Ubuntu, Blackberry, Symbian, and Chrome OS. The Android platform has a greater number of media users in each category. This is important for those are considering audience size or engagement. Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Asus, Motorola and many other device manufacturer companies are using Android. However, larger companies develop mobile application simultaneously for different platforms. If you have an opportunity to select any one platform or operating system for mobile app development then considering the above seven reasons you will definitely go with the Android App Development.

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